Meet Mike and Chelsea

A duo designed to help you produce a pro podcast with compelling content, effective strategy and technical support

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Our experience becomes your gain.

You can get the right equipment and outsource the editing...but can you create a great show?


Meet Mike Carruthers

Expertise beyond technical details

Mike Carruthers is a legendary radio show host with his show, Something You Should Know, running for almost three decades now. He's consulted with dozens of podcasts hosts in the last 2 years to help them get launched and running with engaging content and a plan to grow an audience. Anyone can get the right equipment and software; not everyone can create a compelling show.

Create the podcast that fits your audience

Each podcast package includes one-on-one time with Mike for personalized support to craft the podcast that's unique to you and compelling to your target audience.


Meet Chelsea O'Brien

Copy, design and editing support

Chelsea has been designing and building websites since 2006. In 2011, she began focusing on digital marketing strategies and copywriting. She's helped design, build and write copy for over 200 websites. One of her most recent projects has generated $180,000 in the last year alone. Her skills will help you with artwork, titles, descriptions and a website for your podcast; her team will help with editing and publishing.

Avoid overwhelm or doubt

Starting a new venture like a podcast can be both exciting and overwhelming as you get into the details. Instead of long hours and late nights spent pulling it altogether, you will have a team to make it happen.