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Would a podcast help you (or your organization) gain exposure, build your authority, enhance your brand or add value to your audience?

Yes. But only if you actually get it launched and have great content. We can help.

how it works

You can do the fun stuff and leave the rest to us.

If the idea of having a podcast sounds great...but finding time to figure out all the details isn't happening, we have the expertise and team help you get it done.

Highly Customizable & Personable

Your podcast should fit your audience and your personal style. We'll work with you keep it authentic. Plus, it should be fun!  We're a likable bunch that will keep you from getting overwhelmed.

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Marketing Support

Choosing a show name, designing artwork, titling each episode and writing compelling podcast descriptions is a large part of getting people to discover it. We help you with editing and production,  but also marketing as you start and as you grow.

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Consistent Production

Starting a new podcast requires that new episodes get consistently published. Working with our team, we can create a rhythm that works for you. For example, maybe you batch all your episodes in one day to be released over the whole month. Or you block out 30 min. each week to record a show. Whatever fits your life, we can work with it.

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We have decades of experience in broadcasting.

Our experience is your gain. We have over 2 decades of experience in creating content and producing audio shows. Co-founder Mike Carruthers' radio show, Something You Should Know, had a 27-year run in radio. It's now a top-rated podcast on iTunes.

Mike partners with Chelsea O'Brien, a digital marketer and tech diva who's been designing and building websites since 2004. You'll get both talents helping you with technical questions, content delivery, voice and dictation tips, marketing strategy and more.

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It's not just technical details.

Launching a successful podcast requires more than a good microphone and editing software. Do you have content that engages listeners and keeps them coming back for more?

Experience ease

Our packages and services are built with customization and ease-of-use at its core — whether you're a seasoned radio show host or just starting out, we'll help you maximize your creativity while we do the implementation.


Each podcast production package is designed to flex to support your needs.

We'll get you set up to launch and then help edit and publish if you wish.

We help you get started and then keep it going.

Already have your podcast idea---or not sure where to begin? Either way, we can get you set up and rolling so your show comes to life.



Build your credibility and expand your business with the exposure from your podcast.



Add value to your customers and put a friendly face on your brand by leveraging your podcast.



Share your ideas and generate enthusiasm with your tribe by utilizing the podcast medium.


Here's How We Can Help You

From the very beginning when you have an idea to after you've recorded episodes and need input, we can help give your podcast life.

Consulting for Strategy and Format

If you're unsure of how long your episodes should be, what format(s) to experiment with, if/when to add advertisements, etc., our team has 27+ years in creating audio content to help.

Pro Editing, Audio Cleanup  + ID3 Tagging

We have experience pros on our team that can handle editing your audio files and setup your episode ID3 tags. We can take care of the pauses, "ums" and unexpected sounds while doing our best to level out background noise.

Intro and Outro Music + Artwork

We can help you with intro and/or outro music and designing your artwork to give your podcast life.

Titles and Descriptions

Naming episodes is an art form like writing good headlines. Writing a captivating, clear title plus a great description can win or lose you new listeners. We can help.

Publishing + Marketing

Podcast hosting services make it easier to publish on multiple platforms. We'll help you get set up and upload finished episodes, then make a plan to help people find your show.

Guests + Exposure

Getting great guests as well as being a guest on other shows can add thousands of listeners overnight. We can guide you with a campaign for getting guests and scheduling interviews.

Show Notes

Having show notes where you can direct people after each episode is part of marketing, plus adds massive value to your listeners. We can help you capture them.


A website that complements your podcast gives people links to show archives, show notes and more information about you. Our team can design and build a site to enhance your brand.

Designed for influencers, entrepreneurs, commentators, entertainers...

If you want to share your ideas with a wider audience but don't have the time for the smaller details---yet you still want to create a pro show---our packages and services are probably a good fit.

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